Baking for global citizenship

Contributed by Brittany Tang


I think that any educator would agree that students need a ‘release’ activity, such as: playing a sport, creating art, writing a story, and in my case, baking. With any of these activities there is potential to incorporate Global Citizenship (playing sports for  a cause, creating persuasive art, writing about positive change, ect.). I spent much of my free time leisurely baking for my local community but, over time, my passion for baking helped me to fund-raise for deserving causes (The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Women With A Mission, ect.), show support for community endeavors and ultimately spread happiness. To me, baking is a science. When I bake I concentrate on adding the right proportions of ingredients, heating the oven to the right temperature and giving my food the right duration of time to properly cook. However, I also think of baking as a social science, a way of bringing a community together through the love of great food. One of the most rewarding parts of my ‘release’ activity is sharing a smile with others as they enjoy the baked goods I make. In this way, baking for Global Citizenship is an interesting phenomenon. Depending on the situation, my community purchases my baked goods to raise money for deserving charities and, at the same time,  the treats I bake are a physical manifestation of the happiness I endeavor to spread.

Brittany’s Global Ambassador Award and CAS blog

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