Congratulations to Erin Elms on Achieving the Global Ambassador Award

Learn to know, Learn to do, Learn to be, Learn to live together

Erin at the Pattaya Mercy Centre

Erin at the Pattaya Mercy Centre

Comment from Erin:

Throughout my year 12 school year, I found that completing the award was a very easy and pleasant task. I enjoyed taking part in community service, academics, athletics and any other key factor of the award. By the end of the year I was able to interview for my certificate and realized that I had participated in a lot of activities under each aspect. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience.

Erin is also the Pillar Leader for Adventure in her current school and works hard to ensure that students and teachers are regularly challenged to go out of their comfort zone physically and mentally as part of their personal growth and learning process.  Erin was also nominated for the Brittany Tang Award for outstanding global citizenship and won the award last year, largely due to her commitment to service learning and community partnerships, particularly with the Pattaya Mercy Centre.

Congratulations Erin on being an amazing Global Citizen.  We look forward to hearing about your progress and achievements in becoming a Global Mentor.

 Assessed by: Paul Crouch and Brittany Tang

A summary of Erin’s targets and reflections for the Global Ambassador Award please are below.

*Unfortunately we are not able to link to Erin’s CAS (creativity, action and service) blog at present, which has a much broader and diverse range of reflections within it and was used as evidence during the final assessment interview with the GC Award team.

Erin Elm’s Global Citizenship Award

Year 12

The 16 identities that are key to being a global citizen were covered by me this year in the following way…

How to Speak More Than One Language:

Taking Spanish B as an IB class

Personal Confidence:

Public Speaking

Drama Performances

Academic Achievement:

SAT testing

Assessment Week

How to Facilitate Debate:

English Class

Spanish Class

Red House Debate

Grace Arber J

A Public Speaker:


Mercy Center (many speeches…)

House Captain

Challenged & To Have A Sense of Adventure:

Koh Chang Mountain Climb

Pattaya Bike Race

A Team Player:

Senior football and basketball team

Innovative and Proactive:

Disney medley

Mercy center shoe box collection

Expressing the Artist in You:

Disney Medley

Red House Dance

International Day

Halloween Disco

Business and Social Enterprise:

Selling Poppies

Raising for Temple to Temple

Selling Goods

Personal Targets:

The targets I made for IB (34)

Personal Goal: live in the present


My CAS Blog reflects all of the extracurricular activities I participated in this year

Sustainably Aware Of Our Environment:

Camillian Beach Day

Mangrove Planting in Koh Chang

Culturally Aware and Interactive:

Mercy Center

Camillian Center

Koh Chang School

Community Service: (CAS Blog)

Mercy Center

Camillian Center

Jester’s Fair

Community Partnerships:

Mercy Center

Camillian Center

Disabled Ladies Home

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