ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

After being nominated by Aina and Kru Meena to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge I found myself in Sukothai, the ancient capital of Thailand, being drenched in ice cold water by my three kids.  This is obviously a very worthy cause and as a family we were more than happy to donate to the ALS cause online (it is very easy) at their website: The ALS Association

To see the challenge and personal adventure endured for this nomination and cause please see the photos below (we have not mastered video on social media as a family yet!).

I also have the privilege to nominate the following three people for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Brittany Tang, Sarah Travis- Mulford and Jonah/Zoe/Sam Crouch

Good luck!

Getting ready

Getting ready



They can reach!!

They can reach!!

Very cold!!

Very cold!!

Very, very cold!!

Very, very cold!!

You'll be next!

You’ll be next!





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