50 posts for the Global Citizenship Award

50... but not slowing down

50… but not slowing down

The Global Citizenship Award is celebrating it’s 50th post after just under 3 months of existence.  Thank you to everyone that has followed the growth of the online award and platform for celebrating personal growth and achievement through the 16 Identities of global citizenship and UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education.

GC Award in numbers so far:

3500 hits, 7 GC Award achievers, 7 females*, 2 Global Mentors, 4 Global Ambassadors, 1 Global Catalyst, 6 different countries (see the world map here), 2 alumni assessor and contributors**, 2 academic assessors and contributors

 *The GC Award team is looking forward to the first submission from a male (Jonah, aged 7, is close to achieving his Global Explorer Award, see here, will anyone beat him?).

**The GC Award team would like to welcome Katrin Puutsa to the team as our second alumni assessor and contributor (see the GC Award team here – we are always looking for new members).

Straight ahead for global citizenship

Straight ahead for global citizenship

Why should you do the GC Award:

1. To track your personal growth and achievements across a broad and diverse set of learning experiences

2. To develop a digital portfolio / record of achievement that can be used for future interviews and applications (see an example here)

3. To set personal targets and to become a reflective person seeking continuous improvement (lifelong learner)

4. To realise that learning is dynamic and that the skills, values and attitudes you develop are transferable and help you to become successful in life

5. To share amazing learning experiences and provide ideas and opportunities for collaboration (once you have achieved the award you can contribute to the website at anytime and build an online profile)

6. To embrace being a citizen of the Earth and everything that we can learn from it

7. It is a challenge and to achieve the certificate!

8. We always give constructive feedback and are happy to help anyone that is looking to learn through global citizenship

Reflection is what links our performance to our potential

Reflection is what links our performance to our potential

How to achieve the award and contribute to the site:

There are 2 ways to achieve the award (there are 7 awards depending upon your age and you can work through them all):

1. Keep a personal diary or portfolio of your experiences, targets and achievements across the 16 Identities.  When you have completed them all (they must be challenging) submit your portfolio here for assessment.

2. Choose one Identity at a time and set a target that will challenge you – ‘take you out of your comfort zone’.  Record the experience through a reflective process, preferably in a digital format – include some photos or video, etc.  Then submit the post for that one Identity here.  You can then choose your second Identity and so on…  We will record your progress through the website and inform you when you have achieved the relevant GC Award. We will also help you present all 16 of your Identities in a smart digital format on completion.

The original 16 Identities of the GC Award

The original 16 Identities of the GC Award

NB: The GC Award team do not claim that the original 16 Identities are the only ones that distinguish a global citizen – there are many more.  We are more than happy for you to choose alternative Identities that fit under each of the Four Pillars of Education and as long as you have completed 16 in total.

Some of our favourite posts so far:

Baking for global citizenship

World War One – a personal reflection

Finding the leader in you

From Ice to Rice

Remember you can read the posts of your favourite GC Award team members and GC Award achievers here

You can follow the Global Citizenship Award by signing up to follow this blog at the top right on the home page.  You can also follow the award on Twitter @pauljcrouch or on Facebook.



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