Congratulations to Chuliporn Mae Underwood on achieving the Global Ambassador Award

Learn to know, Learn to do, Learn to be, Learn to live together

To see Mae’s portfolio of targets and reflections for the Global Ambassador Award please click here.



Comment from Mae:

Doing the award was relatively easy if done along side the CAS program offered by the International Baccalaureate. However, if I did not have to do the CAS program I would have still gone for this award, as it is a good sort of guide if you want to develop and better prepare yourself for life after high school – plus it’s an accomplishment to be proud of! Also, it took me just under two years to complete this award, although it probably should have taken one.


Mae on starting university at UC Davis:

I would also like to mention some interesting things about my university – during freshmen orientation at UC Davis, they told us that, after our first year, the extra-curricular activities we did throughout High School will no longer be significant on our CV. I found that a bit shocking but I’m excited to see what kind of opportunities I will be offered here and how it might differ from the ones I took in Thailand. I am also proud to say that UC Davis is a very environmentally-aware community. It is a sort of bike town where everyone cycles to classes and even around downtown Davis. It’s also an agricultural area so there is an abundance of organic produce. My residence hall is right next to the cows, but they say you get used to the cow smell.

Mae with YaYa and the Girl-Up group

Mae with YaYa and the Girl-Up group

Congratulations Mae on being an amazing Global Citizen.  We look forward to hearing about your progress and achievements in becoming a Global Mentor.


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