About Us

The Global Citizenship Award Team

Academic Contributors and Global Citizenship Award Assessors:

Paul Crouch

Paul is British and has lived and worked internationally as a (geography) teacher for 20 years.  He is passionate about learning through community engagement and service – creating sustainable and mutual learning experiences for all.  He believes that his holistic approach to education equips students with the necessary skills and values to be successful academically and more importantly for the challenges and opportunities of life beyond school (and university). Paul is proud to remain connected to a large number of ex-students who continue to learn about the importance of global citizenship post formal education and to work with them on giving as many other (young) people and community members the chance to discover their potential and the world around them through global citizenship education.

Karen Partyka

Karen is Scottish and has taught in Scotland, England, Tanzania and Thailand as a music teacher. She is dedicated to teaching and draws from her experiences around the world to educate her pupils and to encourage them to think beyond their own classroom. Karen was brought up in Glasgow, Scotland, and it wasn’t until after her first year teaching in Glasgow that the opportunity came up to go to Tanzania as a volunteer teacher. The time in Tanzania was extremely challenging, powerful, upsetting at times but all together life changing. It is very difficult to forget or erase a memory of seeing a child dying from malnutrition and poverty or to see children living on the street who are so dirty with no parents, family or hope of an education.  The time in Tanzania prepared her so that when the opportunity in Thailand came, she grabbed it with both hands and fully engaged and immersed herself in Round Square and global citizenship learning. She uses all these experiences to continue introducing and pushing her students to find out about the world beyond their own life and to challenge them to become global citizens.


Alumni Contributors and Global Citizenship Award Assessors:

Brittany Tang

Brittany is an Asian-American who was born in Canada and has studied in 4 different countries (Canada, America, China, Thailand) throughout the duration of her life. Her dedication to global citizenship is powered by her belief that through collaborative efforts to enrich the lives of others, the world, as an entity, will thrive. She has pursued countless service endeavors including raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as sending 150 lb of donated school supplies to a the Hway Ka Loke Migrant Learning Centre in Mae Sot, Thailand. Brittany currently attends the University of Michigan and endeavors to continue inspiring others around the world to embrace Global Citizenship.

Katrin Puutsa

Katrin is an Estonian, who won a scholarship to attend The Regent’s School In Thailand at the age of 14. She attended university in the UK and returned to Thailand for a further 2 years after her studies to get involved in some great community based conferences and projects. She thoroughly enjoys and believes in the importance of global citizenship and has thus worked with and written projects for GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) Europe and continues to promote various projects throughout Thailand, namely the Phi Phi International Community Centre to enhance inter-cultural communication, understanding and working together.




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