Achieving the Award

How to submit and share your reflections (evidence) to achieve the GC Award

You have two choices of method to complete the award:

-Complete the 16 Identities and record your targets and personal reflections in a digital format or multimedia platform and then submit this to the GC Award Team on the form below.


-Complete each of the 16 Identities one at a time.  Choose one and set yourself a target (going out of your comfort zone!) relevant to that Identity.  Record the experience and reflect on what you learnt.  Make sure you have taken some photos, a video or have something visual or artistic to support the reflection.  Complete the form below and submit the Identity. We will then help you to record your progress as you also contribute to the website and give others great ideas to become global citizens and lifelong learners.

*At no stage will we publicly post any aspect of your Award without your written permission.


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