My Gap Year

If you offer a gap year learning experience for young people just out of school or university and are interested in attracting the best global citizens to work with your students and teaching teams then please complete the form below and submit it to our team.

If you have just completed a gap year experience then we would love to hear from you as part of your global citizenship reflection – please also complete the form below and submit it to our team.

If you are looking for a gap placement or would like to volunteer within a community setting and not specifically a school please visit our community partner learning website.


2 thoughts on “My Gap Year

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  2. Gap place is quite important young people. It gives an opportunity for one to improve and excel in different aspects of life. They improve their personal confidence, speech and other personal and social skills.
    It’s also during such period that many young people learn to manage their personal resources as they lead their own lives.
    The placement , in addition, gives an an opportunity to work with different communities, and in the process many people develop a heart of service to our society.
    It’s also a chance for one to get out of their comfort zone, widen their mind and begin experiencing life in a bigger world, and grow to become knowledgeable global citizens.


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